Jay and Ryan blue_edited.jpg

A Recent Kung-FU grading at Blyth in July saw Jay and his son Ryan pass their Blue sashes, well done to you both.

Lucy blue_edited.jpg
Jack blue_edited.jpg
Abby yellow_edited.jpg

Above Jack & Lucy receive their Blue Belts for passing their recent Kickboxing gradings & Abby left, receives her Yellow Belt, July 2018, well done all of you.

Louis brown_edited.jpg

Louis receiving his Brown Belt for Kickboxing July 2018. Well done Louis it's the big one next Black Belt

Hopefully before the end of the year.

Damian Master yau Nationals_edited.jpg

Damian with Master Yau after finishing Third at the National Championships in the 79 Kilo Continuous Catagory.  Well done Damian

Abby orange belt.jpg
Joseph blue belt.jpg
Adam blue belt.jpg
ciaren blue belt.jpg

Recent grading's at Blyth saw Joseph Adam & Ciaran pass their Blue belts in Kickboxing. Abby also passed her Orange belt,Well done all of you.

March 2019

jodean, michaela, +.jpg
jack white belt.jpg

Recent grading's at Blyth saw Jodene, Caden & michaela pass their Blue belt, White belt and Orange belt in Kickboxing, along with jack who also passed his White belt. Below, Lucy passed Brown and Ciran passed purple. Well done all of you.

August / September 2019

Lucy grading Brown.jpg
ciren grading purple.jpg